Todays plan was to head up Sharp Edge if the weather improved in time but unfortunately it didn't. Still a great walk but shame about the low cloud.


Date: 3rd July 2012 Ascent (m/ft): 1003m (3291ft)
  Start Location: Mungrisdale Highest Point: Blencathra (868m/2847ft)
  Time Started: 07:30 Parking: Roadside
  Duration: 5 Hours 17 Minutes Weather: Low Cloud

17.6km - 10.93 Miles

Difficulty: Difficult
Mungrisdale - Low Beckside - Souther Fell - Mousthwaite Comb - Scales Tarn - Blencathra - Blue Screes - Mungrisdale Common - Bannerdale Crags - Bowscale Fell - Mungrisdale
Very low cloud from the beginning of the walk and on the ascent up to Souther Fell.
The cloud now descending.
Souther Fell summit.
A group of walkers (look like DofE) on the other side of the Glenderamackin River.

A view up the valley. Normally you would be able to see Sharp Edge from here... Looks like we'll give it a miss today.

And a view down the valley to Souther Fell which is lost in cloud.
Scales Beck...
... and Scales Tarn.
Blencathra summit marker.
One of the monuments on the approach to Askinson Pike.
Mungrisdale Common cairn.
A cairn marking the highest point on Bannerdale Crags.
And the other (main) cairn on Bannerdale Crags.
Cloudy crags.
The summit shelter on Bowscale Fell... and whats this?
The cloud is clearing!
The Tongue and Souther Fell.

The sun has also just come out for a bit! Time to head over to the cairn to see if theres a view north.

Bit of a view from the cairn on Bowscale Fell.
Following the diagonal path down towards Mungrisdale. The fell on the left is called The Tongue.
Sunshine on Bannerdale Crags. I really have to go up that ridge one day!

A last view back to Bannerdale Crags and The Tongue.