The weather was set to be lovely today with a gentle winds and warm sunshine so what better to do than Sharp Edge and Halls Fell Ridge.


Date: 16th May 2012 Ascent (m/ft): 790m (2582ft)
  Start Location: Scales Highest Point: Blencathra (868m/2847ft)
  Time Started: 09:30 Parking: Layby at Scales
  Duration: 2 Hours 45 Minutes Weather: Mostly Sunny

8.87km - 5.51 Miles

Difficulty: Difficult
Scales - Mousthwaite Comb - Scales Tarn - Sharp Edge - Blencathra - Halls Fell Ridge - Scales
Lovely sunshine today which is a bit of a surprise seeing as we've had some pretty poor weather recently (mostly heavy rain).
The A66 and Great Mell Fell.
Distant Bowfell and Esk Pike over Raven Crag.
Blue skies over Souther Fell. The great hollow to the bottom right is Mousthwaite Comb.
A last view back before the views disappear for a while as I follow the Glenderamackin valley towards Scales Tarn.
Sharp Edge.
Scales Beck.
The view down Scales Beck towards the grassy back of Bannerdale Crags and the more distant Pennines.
Scales Tarn.
Scales Tarn and the view up to Sharp Edge.
Sharp Edge.
The view down the edge.
Now scrambling up Foul Crag before reaching the Saddle.
Sharp Edge from the Saddle of 'Saddleback' with Bannerdale Crags behind, then the Eden Valley and the Pennines marking the horizon.
The summit of Blencathra. See some of the snow on the north face just ahead?
Other than the back of Blencathra, the only other mountains with snow were the Far Eastern Fells like High Raise, Rampsgill Head and High Street.
The view from the summit.
The north western fells.
Beautiful views from the summit today.

Time to head down Halls Fell Ridge. The ridge is easier than Sharp Edge but still needs a good level of concentration.

The crags around Doddick Fell.
Lastly the beautiful valley of St Johns in the Vale and Threlkeld.