Melford Walk
Date: 30th January 2019 Distance: 8.66km (5.38 Miles) Parking: Opposite Melford Hall
Start Location: Long Melford Ascent (m/ft): 60m (197ft) Weather:


Time Started: 09:45 Highest Point: N/A Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 Hours 48 Minutes        
Route: The Melford Walk

After a day or so of heavy snow and a day off work, I decided to head out for a local walk and follow the old railway line along the Melford Walk.

Long Melford Church.

The Green at Melford covered in snow.

The remains of an ancient cross on Melford Green.

Melford Church in the distance.

Liston weir.

The River Stour.

Joining the Melford Walk.

The old railway line.

There are several bridges over the railway line.

Chad Brook along the edge of Melford. By this point most of the snow had melted.