Bleaklow B-29 Superfortress Crash Site
Date: 26th March 2019 Distance: 7.56km (4.7 Miles) Parking: Layby at Doctors Gate
Start Location: Doctors Gate Ascent (m/ft): 193m (633ft) Weather: Partly Sunny
Time Started: 16:20 Highest Point: Higher Shelf Stones (621m/2037ft) Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2 Hours 11 Minutes        
Route: Doctors Gate Layby - Doctors Gate Path - Pennine Way - Higher Shelf Stones (621m/2037ft) - B-29 Overexposed Crash Site - Hern Clough - Doctors Gate Path - Doctors Gate Layby

We found ourselves having several hours of daylight left and having seen photos of a crash site on Bleaklow we decided on a short walk up to the site on Higher Shelf Stones.

Heading up Doctors Gate Path - an old Roman Road. Is this the actual road poking through the ground?!

Higher Shelf Stones is the small peak over there.

The faint path acrossr the moor.

Views across to Kinder.

Manchester is not far from here.

Sunshine on the Kinder Plateau.

The Trig on Higher Shelf Stones.

Just a 2 minute walk from the Trig are some of the remains of the B29 Superfortress.

Extensive wreckage.

Rejoining the Pennine Way for a lovely walk back to Doctors Gate.