Kinder Low | B-24 Liberator Crash Site
Date: 26th March 2019 Distance: 16.3km (10.12 Miles) Parking: Bowden Bridge Pay and Display
Start Location: Bowden Bridge Ascent (m/ft): 499m (1637ft) Weather:

Partly Sunny

Time Started: 10:30 Highest Point: Bridge-end Pasture (390m/1280ft) Difficulty: Difficult
Duration: 5 Hours 4 Minutes        
Route: Bowden Bridge - Hill Houses - Coldwell Clough - Oaken Clough - Edale Cross - Edale Rocks - Kinder Low (633m/2077ft) - Pennine Way - Kinder Downfall - Mill Hill (544m/1948ft) - B-24 Liberator Crash Site - Mill Hill - William Clough - Kinder Reservoir - Bowden Bridge

Whilst we both await Alice wh is to join us for some climbing, both me and Nick decide on a couple of walks to explore some of the old plain wreckages high on the moortops, the first being the B24 Liberator on Mill Hill and create a lovely 10 mile circuit taking in the Kinder Plateau and part of the Pennine Way too.

A lovely old packhorse bridge at the start of the walk.

Mount Famine on the right and South Head, two shapely peaks that will remain in view for the next few hours.

The path along the River Sett.

Gaining some height now as we head towards Oaken Clough and up to the Kinder Plateau.

The route ahead with the top of Kinderlow End on the left.

South Head and Mount Famine.

Zooming in on South Head (494m)

Mount Famine (473m)

The ancient Edale Cross.

A view across the moor to Brown Knoll (569m).

The breathtaking view down the Vale of Edale to Lose Hill.

A sudden change in the weather and all around is truly stunning!

Pym Chair on the left.

Following the Pennine Way to Edale Rocks.

Edale Rocks.

The view back down to Edale from Edale Rocks.

The Trig on Kinder Low.

The 633m High Peak of Kinder Low.

The Pennine Way towards Kinder Downfall.

Kinder Reservoir which is where we will be later towards the end of the walk.

Near Kinder Downfall now.

Looking beautiful today even with the small amount of flowing water.

Interesting rock formations along the Pennine Way.

Looking back to Kinder Low.

The Pennine Way.

Mill Hill ahead (544m)


The massive north western end of the Kinder Plateau.

Mill Hill Summit.

Mill Hill Summit looking back to the Kinder Plateau.

Just a few hundred metres from Mill Hill summit are the remains of the B-24 Liberator.

Looking back along our descent line of William Clough.

Kinder Reservoir ahead.

Kinder Reservoir.

A final photo of the Dam at Kinder Reservoir.