To give fellow walkers an idea of how enjoyable or interesting a long distance trail is I have decided to use a Star Rating system from One to Five Stars. Here is a breakdown of what each may mean on the walk.
Waymarks: Views:
- Unwaymarked or minimal waymarking along the route - Views restriced to nearby fields or villages
- Some Waymarks but good knowledge of the route required - Views extend a few miles occasionally but mostly restricted
- Only Some sections requiring a map or unwaymarked - Some good views to be seen along the route
- Good waymarking throughout the route but some knowledge needed - Plenty of lovely views along the walk
- Excellent waymarking along the entire route - Some of the best views in the country along this walk!
History: Wildlife:
- Minimal historical interst, maybe one or two churches only - Minimal wildlife seen along the route
- Some historical interest, perhaps a ruin or castle - Some areas where wildlife can be seen
- A fair amount of interesting historical features - Perhaps a few small nature reserves where rarer species can be seen
- Plenty of interesting history along the way to enjoy - Some of the best wildlife walks in the area
- Overflowing with historical interest - The best wildlife walks in the country
- A nice route to complete but nothing particularly special  
- Enjoyable for most of the route but perhaps some tedious sections  
- Enjoyable along the entire route and worth the effort  
- A great walk, interesting and diverse  
- One of the best long distance trails in the country