Burnbank Fell
Wainwright / Birkett - The Western Fells
Height: 475m (1558ft)
Prominence: 20m (66ft)
Times Summited: 02

Burnbank Fell is on the western finge of lakeland just near Loweswater. The view is lovely with the Cumbrian Coastline to the west, and the Grasmoor Fells to the east. On the fells north-eastern side there is a terrace path which offers superb views of Loweswater and the surrounding valley. Its summit is marked by a small cairn close to an old metal fence post and is easy to find.

Red Route Grade: Mod Distance: 0.95km Ascent: 190m

This is the most direct route and starts from the ladder stile on the bridle path. The route is mostly pathless and heads south up the steep northern slopes. Once on more level ground the going is much easier to the summit. Note: Some interesting rock formations on the steep sections.

Purple Route Grade: Mod Distance: 1.9km Ascent: 220m

Again starting from the ladder stile on the bridle path. This route contours west along an intermittent faint path which all but disappears the further you go along it. Once you start to approach Owsen Fell then the harder work begins as you ascend to the source of Meregill Beck and join a more defined path leading to the summit.

Green Route Grade: Easy Distance: 1.3km Ascent: 30m
A simple ridge route linking the fell with Blake Fell. The route is short and mostly downhill. Once at the col at just over 450m the rest is almost effortless with less than 100ft to ascend before reaching the peak. This is also one of the easiest paths to navigate thanks to the fence which is followed the whole way.
The summit cairn and view from Burnbank Fell.
A cloudy summit showing the cairn and metal fence post.
27th January 2016 Nr Fangs Brow Farm - Owsen Fell (409m/1342ft) - Burnbank Fell (475m/1558ft) - Carling Knott (544m/1785ft) - Loweswater End of Carling Knott (519m/1703ft) - Carling Knott (544m/1785ft) - Sharp Knott (482m/1581ft) - Blake Fell (573m/1880ft) - Gavel Fell (526m/1726ft) - High Nook on Gavel Fell (488m/1601ft) - Highnook Tarn - Loweswater Terrace Path - Holme Beck - Nr Fangs Brow Farm
28th September 2011 Loweswater - Maggie's Bridge - High Nook Farm - Burnbank Fell (173) - Blake Fell (174) - Gavel Fell (175) - White Oak Moss - Hen Comb (176) - Loweswater