Burnbank Fell
Wainwright - The Western Fells
Height: 475m (1558ft)
Burnbank Fell is on the western finge of lakeland just near Loweswater. The view is lovely with the Cumbrian Coastline to the west, and the Grasmoor Fells to the east. On the fells north-eastern side there is a terrace path which offers superb views of Loweswater and the surrounding valley.
The summit cairn on Burnbank Fell.
The metal post marking the highest point and the fence that crosses the top of the fell.
The view from the terrace path.
28th September 2011 Loweswater - Maggie's Bridge - High Nook Farm - Burnbank Fell (173) - Blake Fell (174) - Gavel Fell (175) - White Oak Moss - Hen Comb (176) - Loweswater