Birkett / Wainwright - The Western Fells
Height: 598m (1962ft)
Prominence: 38m (125ft)
Times Summited: 03
Haystacks is a mountain with a unique appearance in the western side of the lakes near Buttermere. It is also the final resting place of the legendary Alfred Wainwright, where his ashes were scattered by Innominate Tarn.
The summit cairn on Haystacks.
Haystacks from Gatesgarth.
Innominate Tarn on Haystacks, the final resting place of Alfred Wainwright.
Buttermere from the summit of Haystacks.
20th April 2014 Gatesgarth - Peggy's Bridge - Scarth Gap - Haystacks (598m/1962ft) - Innominate Tarn - Blackbeck Tarn - Warnscale Bottom - Gatesgarth
2nd February 2012 Hassness - Gatesgarth - Warnscale Bottom - Blackbeck Tarn - Innominate Tarn - Haystacks - Scarth Gap - Gatesgarth - Hassness
12th September 2009 Gatesgarth - Scarth Gap - Haystacks (75) - Green Crag - Fleetwith Pike (76) - Fleetwith Edge - Gatesgarth