Helm Crag
Wainwright - The Central Fells
Height: 405m (1328ft)
Helm Crag is a small rocky mountain north west of Grasmere. A rock formation on the summit has lead to its alternative name; The Lion and the Lamb. The summit is an awesome place, with the true summit standing 25ft above the path and involving a rocky scramble to reach the top. This is the only fell that Wainwright never actually reached the very top of.
A silhouette of Helm Crag from the road up to Dunmail Raise.
The Howitzer - The true summit of Helm Crag.
11th October 2013 A591 - Helmside - Greenburn - Bracken Hause - Helm Crag (405m/1328ft) - Gibson Knott (420m/1378ft) - Bracken Hause - Easedale Beck - Grasmere - A591
26th December 2011 A591 - Grasmere - Butharlyp Howe - Easedale Road - Helm Crag - Bracken Hause - Greenburn - Low Mill Bridge - A591
20th November 2008 Grasmere - Helm Crag (29) - Gibson Knott (30) - Calf Crag (31) - Far Easedale - Grasmere