The first day of a multi day trek through the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Today was quite a leasurely day and was more of a stepping stone to gain higher ground tomorrow.


Date: 17th June 2013 Ascent (m/ft): 1000m (3281ft)
  Start Location: Imi Oughlad Highest Point: Tacht Pass (2,023m/6,637ft)
  Time Started: 10:45 Parking: N/A
  Duration: 5 Hours 17 Minutes Weather: Sunny - Cloudy in the afternoon

14.2km (8.82 Miles)

Difficulty: Moderate
Imlil Oughlad - Tacht Pass - Azaden Valley
Only minutes into the trek and we are already gaining some height. In fact we started at about 1400m and had to ascend up to the Tacht Pass at just over 2000m so we had 600m to gain straight away!
Farming on the small terraces on the side of the valley. They were separating all of the barley they had just cut down I think...
Lots of small houses on the hillside.
Cultivated terraces down in the valley surrounded by high peaks.
The valley we followed up to the Tacht Pass.
This is John. He (actually its a 'She') thought it funny to poke his tongue out at all of us when we stopped for a short break in the shade.
This small cairn marks the top of the Tacht Pass as just over 2000m.
Quite a deep cut valley next to the path we followed down the valley.
This is the first major view we got on the trek. This is the Azaden Valley with its lush green floor and wild barren mountains. Behind the clouds at the very top of the valley is Tazaghart standing at 3,843m (12,608ft) and just to the left of it is a peak just over 4000m.
Its all clouded over now (this was the only time on the entire trek it clouded above us...)
Walking through Berber Villages along the Azaden Valley.
More cultivated terraces at the head of the valley.
Well this wasn't expected! Camp set up and food on the go! I must add that the group assisting us were tremendous and did a fantastic job.

Camp was near a stream so I couldn't help but go get some photos. Time for a rest and see what tomorrow has to offer!

Toubkal Day 2